I make your business visible. I get your business seen.

Small business owners often feel invisible – the world is oblivious to how awesome they are.

I fix that. With content – video, audio and graphics.

My clients don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to do stuff on social media. They don’t want to learn how to use Canva or how to write copy or how to make smooth transitions into Reels.

They just want to get on and do the work. To grow your business. But they know that in order to do that, they need customers to actually buy from the business. They need interest in the business. They need eyeballs on the content.

They need to be visible.

And so do you.

This is the number one problem I solve, the number one thing I help people with is this – I get them visible and I increase that visibility.

I do that with content. Primarily video content, but also audio and graphics.

When you have more content, and people start directing other people to your content, and you gain recommendations, you will grow. I know this works because I’ve put this in place in my own business – I’m doing it and living it. This is how I get new clients.

Visibility is the number one thing I help people with.

About Me

Hi, I’m Pete.

I’m Northern and I have a beard. (That’s what 75% of our survey said when asked to describe me)

I love Lego. It’s simple. I follow the instructions (or not) and become so absorbed about what’s in front of me, it distracts me from my worries and my life for a nice moment. (Until one of my offspring interrupts my sweet peace and quiet). And you can’t beat the satisfaction of that physical, tangible thing you built – you did that.

In the same way, I love working with video and audio. It’s simple – I can get so absorbed in making it just right, playing with style and tone to fit your specific business, and ultimately making that tangible content ready for you to post for greater visibility for your business.

I also love Disneyland, Marvel movies and gaming. I also love my wife and two kids!

There is no funnel or formula to what I do – I love to genuinely make connections and offer to help wherever I can.

I’ve worked in broadcast radio, and this makes me good at what I do – I’m good at asking the right questions, getting to what people want and pulling out the good stuff that the world really should see.

I’m happy to talk about politics and political satire. I appreciate banter and wit. I even made the news with an occasional viral tweet.

Working with me

Welcome to Video by Pete.

What is it like to work with me?

Reasonable and transparent pricing, trustworthy and decent service, and I offer unlimited revisions to prove it – I work and re-work until you have video, podcasts and related content that truly showcases you and your brand. No one has had a bad experience… Because I ask lots of questions up front… and I work until the client is happy.

Count on me to be completely honest and transparent. I want to be genuinely helpful and make your marketing easier for your neuro-spicy brain and business. I’m curious and interested in people and what makes you tick – and how to showcase that awesomeness in the medium of marketing.

I’m creative (aka highly distractible, like a toddler high on sweets) and people always tell me I’ve approached their business problems from a different angle. I love the diversity and adaptability I have developed across a variety of clients, businesses, projects and scenarios.

Here's what people say about working with me

What do I value?

Family.  Honesty.  Loyalty.  Helpfulness.  Creativity.  Fun and magical and heroic stories.

Resilience – I really admire the resilience in the stories of my clients.

I’m obsessed with details. I’m focused. I’m adaptable. I’m discerning – I’m able to pull out the best things from interviews and conversations.

I’m genuinely interested in people.

What do other people say about me?

“Kind, witty, socialist. Video professional / entertainer.” – Lisa Mason, virtual assistant

“Genuinely lovely and friendly bloke.” – Ian Blakeman, illustrator

“Northern, beard, hilarious. Video guru.” – Luna Rose, yoga and Pilates coach

“Funny, surprising, dedicated, on point.” – Pascale Recher / Pascale Poppins, online business manager & strategist.

“Videoman. Down to earth. Northern.” – Robin Bates, coach for geeks

“Compassionate, kind, humble, protective. Determined, witty, a touch of mischief. A bit childish.” – Amanda Leek, content marketer

How I got here

In 2018, I experimented with video editing for small businesses. I made it super affordable. From those humble beginnings, I have built a reputation as not just an awesome video guy but also as a podcast producer and social media marketing specialist.

I’ve levelled up.

I needed my brand visuals to level up. I needed my website to level up too.

And now they have.

You are: a business owner operator, probably a one-man band (or feels like it) – you need to outsource as you grow your business. You’ve done other forms of marketing (copywriting, images, etc) and had success – you are growing.

You see those businesses similar to yours have success using the medium of video, they go live or post video and they get traction. You want that success too. You’re aware you could be doing a lot more (and earning a lot more) because video is the gap in your marketing.

You’ve made some videos already, but not repurposed those with any strategic intention. You’ve made a ton of content already, but you don’t know what to do with it. You’ve been at this game for a while now, but you don’t know how to keep it fresh. You’re too busy to sort it all out by yourself, but you know you have a backlog of content lying in the archives, doing nothing.

I would never suggest switching all your focus onto video because some people prefer different formats, but I can help with the video, audio and images you need to repurpose, refresh and renew your content.

You like watching videos, too. Goodness knows you’ve bought that thing from the TikTok shop recently. You know it works!

But now… you don’t know how to create it and you don’t know where to start. And once you’ve started, you don’t know what it takes to gain traction.

People use my services on a regular basis to see the build up – the true benefit of it is in long term consistency. With longer term clients I get to know them and their audience and what works best – that understanding leads to better work as we go.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if you’re reading this far, you also have a diverse range of interests and hobbies outside of work – and probably also a diverse family, too. You want more time for your own creativity, your loved ones and to pursue the wild ideas that take your fancy.

“With a bit of a gentle nudge he’s also now fully embracing the fact that the majority of his clients are neurodivergent. Being neuro-spicy himself, he understands the challenges that can come with being a ND business owner and he tailors his methods to meet the needs of every one of his clients – me included. It’s one heck of a USP. Now he is leaning into it.” – G Sabini-Roberts

About Me

Hi, I'm Pete!

I’m a creative based in South Cumbria, home of the beautiful Lake District.

What do I do? I help businesses BE VISIBLE.

I offer a range of services designed to make you stand out online, and make it really simple to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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